اللهم انت لهاولوعظمت فرجها بفضل بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Ya Allah! Engkau Jua BagiNya. Jikalau Ia Sukar, Lapangkanlah baginya dengan kelebihan بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sounding Off: How Auditory Stimulation Helps an Hurts and Autistic Child

Sounds are a part of our everyday life, and so when dealing with an autistic child who has sensory problems, sound is one of the first things you should learn to control, especially in a learning environment. Sound can both be hurtful and helpful for an autistic child. Because each autistic individual is different, you must closely observe him or her to find out what types of reactions you can expect from auditory sensory stimulation.

Sounds can also cause fixation. Some children, for example, constantly hum and seem fixated on the sights and sounds of lawn mowers. Use this fixation to be beneficial. For example, read stories about lawn mowers or use the humming in conjunction with a song.

Music is a great way in which autistic individuals can learn, because sound is a form of nonverbal communication. Teachers and parents should use this tool in learning environments. The key is to make sound work for you and your child. Autism is a difficult disorder to handle, so by being sensitive to your child’s specific needs, you can help him or her learn to deal with the sounds of everyday life.

Loud or frightening sounds may be the most difficult type of sensory stimulation in an autistic child’s life. Many of our routine daily activities include such sounds, hurting the growth process. Autistic children can not and will not learn if they are frightened. For example, parents often find that they have a difficult time toilet training their autistic children. This may be due to the scary sound of the toilet flushing; witch could be overpowering to and autistic child. Instead, try using a potty seat away from the actual toilet until they get used to the idea. Another example is loud or crunchy foods.

If your autistic child is a picky eater, try to notice specifically which foods he or she blatantly refuses to eat. Sometimes, food simply sounds too loud when crunching in an autistic child’s mouth, and these loud noises can hurt his or her ears. If this is the case with your child, provide alternative soft foods instead of crunchy carrots, apples, or potato chips. Other loud sounds, such as a vacuum cleaner, may hurt your child’s ears. Try to do these activities when he or she is not in the room, or consider providing your child with earplugs that he or she can use if the world gets too loud.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Teachers Lecture or Students Talk?

Talking in class help students to stay focused and interested. Students are more concerned because they anticipate being asked to answer. Each would love to be heard and listened to as they actively participate in the discussion. The class will not only be interesting but also practical for everyday life.

While some students prefer lectures where the professors do all of the talking, other students like to participate in the discussion. The latter is commendable. When students are allowed to speak, they become better communicators as well as become more interested in the topic.

Students who are encouraged to speak in class learn how to express their selves verbally. Students who possess strong communication skills are making it big in interviews and perform better when dealing with clients or customers. As we are all aware of, the employment industry often requires people with good communication skills. These people appear to be more confident as well.

Passive form of educating students is not that common these days. This method is existent in conservative countries only. This does not polish students well. It looks like they appear to be absorbers only. Communication is a two-way process and it is the best form of education. Could we call it communication when the receivers do not even have the chance to give feedbacks?

Evaluation is a process of measuring what has the students learned. How could an instructor evaluate his or her students when he or she is the only one talking? Paper and pencil tests are also forms of evaluation but they are not complete at all. There are a lot of evaluation types needed in order to come up with the most reliable source.

Evaluation is important because it will give answers to the following questions: Were the objectives of the lesson or chapter achieved? Was the teacher effective? Did the students learn what they needed to?

The active way of teaching has kept the most literate countries move fast when it comes to their educational system improvement. Education is important for a country to keep it tall against these challenging times. Having uneducated people is the worst liability a country could have. The economy is also affected by the degree of education it has.

In the end, tall buildings could not substitute the people’s mind. As a person explores life, he will need the tool of communication. Being silent is necessary sometimes but keeping one’s mouth all the time is almost next to ignorance and selfishness.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What is stress?

The definition of stress can mean different things to different people. Many people have different feelings about it and have many causes for it as well. It is hard to pin point just what stress is, but is something that can affect the body and the mind of just about anyone.

Stress is usually considered the buildup of anxiety and pressures on any given person. There is only so much pressure that one person can handle and stress will occur when the person has had their fill of it. Stress is not necessarily a dangerous thing. It is only a problem when the person who is under a great deal of stress can no longer function and is letting it get the best of them.

Many people have stress because of the job they are in. Some people bring their worries and troubles in the workforce home with them, which will cause them to have a build up of too much stress in their life. This can mean that they are having a hard time dealing with pressures and may start to have mood swings or be depressed a lot

Some people have too much stress at home. It may be because of a dysfunctional relationship with a partner or child. This can cause a person to loose sight of what they are doing and they may have too much to deal with at one time. This can be a reason for a person to have some difficulties dealing with their stress because they are not sure how to fix a problem.

It is very normal for people to have some form of stress on their mind. It is something that we all have had to deal with and we eventually get through it. However, there are some that cannot work past it and this will lead to more problems that can become very serious for them later down the road. This will include their emotional and their physical health.

When a person has too much stress, they must find help from a source that they can trust. It is important to get things under control so that the person will have a chance for a happy and healthy lifestyle. There are ways to control stress and deter your body from it. All you have to do is recognize when you are under too much stress and that you need to get help for it.


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